Branding and packaging for a tea company with bags of personalitea

A tea shop with a difference

This project is a solution to a brief set by brand and retail consultancy FITCH, at the University of Hertfordshire: to create a unique space for the British high street.

What could be more British than a cuppa tea? However tea just hasn’t got the same trendy high street image as coffee shops and brands. We created a tea brand with a difference using witty word play, nostalgia and a slight eccentricity to capture the ‘British-ness’ of tea.

Tea Packaging - Flirtea

Bags of personalitea

We imagined a modern tea shop offering a range of blended teas that could be enjoyed in the shop or bought to take home. We associated a mood to each blend and with a bit of word play, words ending in ‘ty’ gave each tea a personality. This created a witty tone of voice to extend the brand onto other materials.

Tea Packaging - Blightea
Tea Take-away Cup
Tea Cup
Tea Packaging - Serenitea

A lot of creativitea

Bright colours and vintage imagery were chosen to match each personality, giving the brand a fun and bold visual language. The choice of recycled paper stock means the packaging and materials are eco friendly, as well as referencing the colour of a perfect cup of tea.

Tea Bag
Tea Loyalty Card