Creating a colourful, flexible brand identity for a nutrition clinic.

Improving health & recovery

Nourish is a nutrition clinic specialising in improving health and recovery through personalised dietary advice. Instead of diet fads, Nourish focuses on varying food types in the diet to use the gut more effectively as a muscle; giving your gut a work out to achieve a healthier, fitter digestive system.

The challenge was to create a bold brand identity to stand out in a market of clean and clinical nutrition brands, focusing instead on the healthy and positive lifestyle Nourish promotes.

Nourish Business Cards
Nourish Logo
Nourish Colour Palette

Digestion in action

The brand is a visual representation of digestion in action. The hand lettered logo is infinitely adaptable; with the ends extending across brand materials and looping around imagery or typography. Fluid graphic elements and mono-line illustrations complement the logo, creating a colourful and flexible brand that reflects Nourish’s unique approach to nutrition.

Designed at Fresh Lemon, 2016

Nourish Posters
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Nourish Icons
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