Georgina Cope

Cooking up a brand identity and portfolio website for a food photographer.

A feast for the eyes

Georgina Cope is a photographer specialising in food imagery. Now a freelance photographer and photography assistant, she needed a new brand identity and website to showcase her beautiful portfolio of food and lifestyle images.

Georgina Cope Colour Palette

Framing the images

The logo mark is constructed from Georgina’s initials, creating a camera shape. This can be used separately from the word mark as a framing element on materials. The colour palette is inspired by some of the textures, props and food found in her images.

The resulting identity is minimal and understated, sitting alongside her photography in a way that doesn’t distract.

Georgina Cope Stationery
Georgina Cope Logo
Georgina Cope Logo Mark
Georgina Cope Postcards

Coming soon…

Portfolio website in progress, sneak peek below.

Freelance, 2018
All photography © Georgina Cope

Georgina Cope Mobile Website